Regenerative agriculture is our solution

Regenerative agriculture is the science, art, or occupation concerned with providing ample, nutritious food; improving local economies equitably; building soil fertility; restoring biodiversity, water cycling, and water quality; and using natural processes to achieve climate stability by restoring carbon and other nutrients to the soil.

“We have the imperative and obligation to engage in a form of agriculture that restores and nurtures rural communities as well as the lands and natural cycles on which we all depend.”

Kat Taylor
Founder of TomKat Ranch

Our Method

We optimize for water, climate stability, economic livelihoods, biodiversity, human health, animal welfare, and healthy ample food by employing these practices:

Ranch-wide Planning
Managed Grazing
Rest and Recovery
Biodiversity Stewardship
Building Healthy Soil

What We Do

Regenerative Ranching

TomKat Ranch demonstrates the practices and benefits of regenerative rangeland management and supports the tools that speed its adoption.

Fork to Farm

Our Fork to Farm partnerships influence the way society eats in order to accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture.

Gathering for Action

TomKat Ranch brings people together for meaningful conversations that catalyze the transition to a regenerative agriculture system.

News and Resources

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Tigan

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