Fork to Farm

Our Fork to Farm partnerships aim to change the way society eats in order to accelerate producer adoption of regenerative agriculture. Working at the ranch, in our community and region, and across the United States, we seek to catalyze a regenerative food movement that supports farmers and ranchers.

Photo Credit: William Milliot

Regenerative Food Movement

We work in our local community and throughout the United States to engage and educate people about the importance of using agriculture to restore the health of people and the planet. We believe that a strong food movement can give producers the market confidence they need  to change practices on the ground. Together with partners, we build robust demand for authentic grassfed products and align agricultural support systems with regenerative outcomes.

We learn from running our grassfed beef business about production bottlenecks for producers, the challenge of finding certified animals to grow our herd, aggregation opportunities for finishing cattle, mission-aligned slaughter and butchery facilities, and profitable markets. We test opportunities to rally consumer demand for authentic grassfed and regenerative products. We use every pound of meat we produce to help us achieve our mission.

Our Strategic Partnerships

We collaborate locally, regionally, and nationally with schools, restaurants, hospitals, funders, investors, nonprofits, grassfed experts and certifiers, farmers, conservationists, and journalists to shift food preferences and purchasing towards regenerative products.

News and Resources

Photo Credit: William Milliot