Gathering for Action

TomKat Ranch brings people together for meaningful conversations that catalyze the transition to a regenerative agriculture system. We welcome people to learn, share, and act together by hosting convenings, meetings, field walks, and internships. We share our story and findings through workshops, classes, publications, and social media.

Photo Credit: William Milliot

“We use TomKat Ranch as a catalyst for transforming how we care for the land and each other. Regenerating communities goes hand in hand with regenerating and restoring healthy land.”

Wendy Millet
Ranch Director

Our Programs

Day at the Ranch

Throughout the year, we gather people and partners from all walks of life together for meaningful conversations about regenerative ranching, our fork to farm efforts, and everything in between. Because we don’t know where the next great idea will originate, we strive to include a diversity of perspectives and are enthusiastic supporters of the theory of emergence.

Women In Ranching

Co-hosted with Paicines Ranch, these workshops are a chance for women working in rangeland management, many of whom live in remote and isolated environments, to connect, share, and learn together. Participants are encouraged to think big and work in collaboration with each other as they look to tackle the challenges of ranching in today’s world.


Gallop Ventures

A classroom like no other, our Gallop Ventures provide instruction in communications, thinking patterns, and teamwork through guided interactions with horses. Because horses have the capacity to reflect our strengths, their insights can inspire and restore a sense of purpose and inner peace. Participants explore group dynamics, communication patterns and styles, boundaries and body language, and working as a “herd” to collaborate with others.

Artists for Agriculture

As Wendell Berry said, “There is an inescapable kinship between farming and art, for farming depends as much on character, devotion, imagination, and the sense of structure, as on knowledge.” We invite artists to TomKat Ranch to interpret agriculture through their art and expand our understanding of what is, what could be, and what we must do to improve, as Mr. Berry puts it, our “practical art.”


Zero Waste Program

TomKat Ranch strives to recycle or compost as much of our waste as possible. In 2015, we engaged a zero waste consultant to help us triple our landfill diversion rate. We continue to look for ways to improve how we handle waste and how we can reduce, re-use and re-purpose the resources of the planet through our work.


TomKat Ranch Internship

The TomKat Ranch Internship is a paid educational opportunity that provides broad exposure and experience for individuals interested in agriculture and food systems. It is our hope to share TomKat Ranch’s insights with the next generation of agriculture professionals.

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Our Strategic Partnerships

We collaborate with a diverse array of local, regional, and national organizations to develop, host, and facilitate meaningful, action-oriented conversations about regenerative agriculture and food systems.

News and Resources

Photo Credit: William Milliot