Regenerative Ranching Toolkit

The Regenerative Ranching Toolkit has a wide range of resources that explore general information and practices, management and monitoring, scaling regenerative ranching, certifications, markets, and peer-to-peer learning networks. Many of the resources in the toolkit were created by TomKat Ranch staff or in collaboration with like-minded organizations, while others are simply resources that we’ve been deeply impressed with and are excited to share.

We hope this resource helps transform many acres!

General Regenerative Ranching Information

Growing Abundant Rangelands
(pdf) Growing Abundant Rangelands

An Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture. A guide introducing readers to the basics of regenerative ranching practices to improve rangeland.

Welcome to Regen Ag
Regen 101 Curriculum

A self-paced curriculum explores the history of the current industrial food system and highlights the practices, principles, outcomes, and importance of regenerative agriculture in creating a more resilient and productive food system.

Profiles in Land & Management
Profiles in Land Management

A website that features the work of innovative ranchers and land managers who are achieving economic and ecological benefits on working lands.

Management and Monitoring

Guide to Pasture Plants
(pdf) Guide to Pasture Plants of Coastal San Mateo County

A guide aimed at sharing information about some of the more common pasture plants found on the San Mateo coast of Central California.

Life Below Ground
(pdf) Life Belowground on the Range

An Introduction to the soil communities that support California’s rangelands.

Rangeland Field Methods
(pdf) The Rangeland Monitoring Network: Handbook of Field Methods

This handbook is designed to take Rangeland Monitoring Network participants step-by-step through the monitoring process.

Rangeland Field Methods
(pdf) A Scoping Paper for Developing Rangeland Carbon Monitoring Protocols

This report is written for technical experts and practitioners to help design a robust and accessible protocol for carbon measurements on rangelands in California and beyond.

Guide to Pasture Plants
(pdf) Methane Emissions from Livestock

The purpose of this document is to provide a summary of the state-of-the-science about a topic that is complex, globally important, and relevant to our strategic priorities: methane dynamics of livestock production systems.

Life Below Ground
(pdf) Common Species of the Working Lands of Coastal San Mateo County

A Wildlife Checklist: Common Species of the Working Lands of Coastal San Mateo County.

Guide to Pasture Plants
COMET Planner

An evaluation tool designed to provide generalized estimates of greenhouse gas impacts of conservation practices. Intended for initial planning purposes. Site-specific conditions (not evaluated in this tool) are required for more detailed assessments of greenhouse gas dynamics on a farm.

Life Below Ground

A Rangeland Analysis Platform and innovative online tool for visualizing and analyzing vegetation data of the western US.

Scaling Regenerative

Guide to Regenerative Grazing Leases
(pdf) Guide to Regenerative Grazing Leases

The guide provides a framework for drafting rigorous grazing leases that articulate shared agricultural, ecological, and social values. Designed with the needs of graziers, private landowners, public agencies, and land trusts in mind, the guide illustrates how land leases can serve broader purposes.

Growing Abundant Rangelands
(pdf) FORA Policy Report

FORA’s U.S. Policy Working Group’s series of interviews, conversations, and research on the current state of agricultural policy in the U.S. as well as opportunities and challenges to adopting policies – at state and national levels – to support the transition to a regenerative agricultural system.

Welcome to Regen Ag
(pdf) Stone Barns Grassfed Report

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the U.S. grassfed beef sector with a focus on market and economic dynamics.

Profiles in Land & Management
(pdf) FORA Report on Regenerative Bottlenecks

This analysis highlights the key barriers farmers and ranchers face in moving towards a healthy, resilient, and regenerative food and ag system and illuminates critical pathways to break down these barriers.

Profiles in Land & Management
(pdf) Croatan Soil Wealth Report

Designed to engage partners across various sources of capital to address barriers to investing in regenerative agriculture, strengthen the business case for investment, develop tools to improve investor literacy and accelerate deal flow, and demonstrate innovative approaches.

Growing Abundant Rangelands
Underserved Groups – Ecdysis

An online tool to identify people, farms, organizations, etc. who represent and/or support marginalized persons and communities involved in food systems, with a particular focus on those in regenerative systems.

Peer to peer Learning Networks

Growing Abundant Rangelands
Holistic Management International (HMI)

For over 35 years, HMI has been empowering farmers & ranchers with the knowledge of regenerative agricultural practices that help them heal the land, strengthen their businesses and improve quality of life…for us all.


(or Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management). A farmer-driven, interoperable suite of tools that provide farmers around the world with the best possible knowledge to improve soil health.

Growing Abundant Rangelands
Regenerative Agriculture Network Web Forum

The Regenerative Agriculture Network Web Forum is a centralized location for interacting with other members of our community, including farmers, scientists, consultants, agency personnel, foundations, brands, and community activists.

Growing Abundant Rangelands

Cost-effective, easy to understand & practical farm layout plans & documentation full of the wisdom gained from a lifetime or work in the field & the experience gained by developing & managing many of these systems for decades.

Growing Abundant Rangelands

At the Savory Institute, it’s our mission to regenerate these critically important and fragile grasslands.

Growing Abundant Rangelands
Soil Centric

Soil Centric illuminates the opportunities, resources, and pathways for widespread participation in the creation of a resilient and abundant future.


Growing Abundant Rangelands
American Grassfed Association

Join hundreds of producers proudly wearing the American Grassfed logo on their products.

Growing Abundant Rangelands
Savory – Land to Market

The world’s first verified regenerative sourcing solution for meat, dairy, wool & leather.

Growing Abundant Rangelands
Regenerative Organic Certification

Regenerative Organic Certified™ is a revolutionary new certification for food, textiles, and personal care ingredients. ROC™ farms and products meet the highest standards in the world for soil health, animal welfare, and farmworker fairness.


Growing Abundant Rangelands

We develop regional fiber systems that build soil & protect the health of our biosphere.