Ranch Data

We collect ecological data on the ranch by participating in Point Blue’s Rangeland Monitoring Network. This network helps landowners and producers who are interested in understanding and measuring the ecological function of rangelands. The network also facilitates communication and collaboration among managers across California.

Point Blue Conservation Science advances conservation of birds, other wildlife, and ecosystems through science, partnerships and outreach. Point Blue’s highest priority is to reduce the impacts of habitat loss, climate change, and other environmental threats while promoting nature-based, climate-smart solutions for wildlife and people. Point Blue Conservation Science is TomKat Ranch’s trusted partner. We work together to use science to guide and evaluate regenerative ranching at TomKat and beyond.

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Weather Data

Point Blue Conservation Science established a weather station at TomKat Ranch in September 2010. Since 2013, we have observed consistently warm and dry weather and extreme drought conditions, although the drought has begun to relax in 2016.