Each summer TomKat Ranch welcomes new interns to the ranch. Working alongside our diverse group of staff, the interns are encouraged to find their unique niche in the regenerative food system and contribute to that in some way during their summer with us.  The interns come from diverse educational and professional backgrounds and bring a wealth of skills, ideas, and, perhaps most importantly, questions. This year’s interns are no exception:

Brandon Moody

Brandon Moody came to TomKat Ranch after meeting some of our ranch team at the Grazing for Change conference at Chico State University in February. Brandon is interested in building a career in cattle management, regenerative grazing, and horsemanship. He is working closely with our equine manager Stacy Claitor this summer. Brandon has a background in cattle ranching and has worked on battery systems and welding. He  is currently in school for plant science and business management and hopes to run a regenerative ranch of his own one day.

Diego Castro

Diego Castro came highly recommended by our local non-profit partner Puente de la Costa Sur. He was born and raised in Pescadero. Diego has a deep interest in learning how to run a business and has been working closely with LeftCoast GrassFed, our ranch’s beef business, on marketing, inventory and processing. Diego has experience in accounting and mechanics and has worked with Puente and Bianchi Flowers Inc.. He is currently studying at San Jose State University and is planning to concentrate on business in hopes of starting his own.

Drake Swezey

Drake Swezey became interested in interning at TomKat Ranch after reading about Holistic Management and regenerative grazing.  Drake is from Palo Alto and has a background in urban farming and experience at Farmscape LLC. He believes that a holistic approach that optimizes economic, social, and ecological goals is the best way to care for land.  This summer, he is excited to learn how TomKat Ranch manages its land and to visit other regenerative farms and ranches. In the future, he hopes to start a family farm and spread regenerative food knowledge to urban areas where the power to create positive change by teaching consumers to vote with their ‘food dollars’ is strong.

Leif Gonzales- Kramer

Leif Gonzales-Kramer comes to TomKat Ranch as part of a fellowship program through Stanford University’s Haas Center for Public Service. He has lived in many different states and when asked where he’s from he replies “all over.” Leif hopes to learn all he can about regenerative cattle management during the summer and how to run a stacked-agriculture operation with multiple species of livestock and perennial crops working together to produce quality food in a vibrant and healthy ecosystem. Leif is currently in school studying Earth Systems with a concentration on Sustainable Food and Agriculture. He hopes to become involved in food production in the future.