Mark Biaggi’s Getting Started In Regenerative Ranching

Below you will find Mark Biaggi’s recommendations for getting started in Regenerative Ranching.

Photo Credit: William Milliot

Toolkit for Getting Started In Regenerative Ranching

  • The Foundations of Holistic Management, Savory eBook – Whether you are a commercial or subsistence farmer, rancher,
    pastoralist, environmentalist, government employee, or informed consumer, Holistic Management gives you the management tools to understand nature and work with it.
BEST PERIODICAL:  Stockman GrassFarmer

Best articles:

  • Grassfed Cattle by Julius Ruechel – Successfully raise grass-fed cattle and enjoy the benefits of great-tasting beef and a financially stable enterprise.
  • Before You Have a Cow by T. Gentry & A. Williams – “…to have happy, healthy cows you need to have healthy, nutritious grass. To have healthy, nutritious grass, you have to have healthy, vibrant soil that is alive with microbes, earthworms, and other organisms.”
  • How to Not Go Broke Ranching by Walt Davis – How to Not go Broke Ranching is the irreverent and sometimes humorous effort of a multi-generation rancher to help people keep from making all of the mistakes that he made in fifty + years of ranching.
  • Cerebral Ranching by Walt Davis – Cerebral Ranching is a collection of bite sized bits of management philosophy, along with corresponding practices, that work together to improve the ecological, the financial, and the human aspects of ranching.
  • For the Love of Soil by Nicole Masters – ‘For the Love of Soil’ is a land manager’s roadmap to healthy soil, revitalized food systems in challenging times. This book equips producers with knowledge, skills and insights to regenerate ecosystem health and grow farm profits.
  • Holistic Management by Allan Savory – Livestock grazing is not the problem; it’s how we graze livestock. If we don’t change the way we approach land management, irreparable harm from climate change could continue long after we replace fossil fuels with environmentally benign energy sources.
  • Salad Bar Beef by Joel Salatin – In a day when beef is assailed by many environmental organizations and lauded by fast-food chains, a new paradigm to bring reason to this confusion is in order. With farmers leaving the land in droves and plows poised to “reclaim” set-aside acres, it is time to offer an alternative that is both land and farmer friendly.
  • Natural Cattle Care by Pat Coleby – Natural Cattle Care encompasses every facet of farm management, from the mineral components of the soils cattle graze over, to issues of fencing, shelter and feed regimens.
  • Teaming with Microbes by Lowensfels & Lewis – When we use chemical fertilizers, we injure the microbial life that sustains plants, and then become increasingly dependent on an arsenal of toxic substances. Teaming with Microbes offers an alternative to this vicious circle, and details how to garden in a way that strengthens, rather than destroys, the soil food web.
  • A Soil Owner’s Manual by Jon Stika, Eve Stika – A Soil Owner’s Manual: Restoring and Maintaining Soil Health, is about restoring the capacity of your soil to perform all the functions it was intended to perform. This book is not another fanciful guide on how to continuously manipulate and amend your soil to try and keep it productive.