TomKat Ranch Internship

We are accepting Summer 2018 internship applications!
Deadline is March 21. Nominees will be notified no later than April 2.

TomKat Ranch is a working ranch in Pescadero, California that provides healthy food on working lands in a way that sustains the planet and inspires others to action.  We work closely with our on-site partners and community organizations, academic institutions, researchers, ranchers/farmers, and entrepreneurs to discover and freely share the most effective ideas in regenerative ranching.

The TomKat Ranch Internship is a paid summer-long (June – August) opportunity created to train the next generation of food systems thinkers.  Over the summer, interns gain experience in areas including, but not limited to: land and soil stewardship, wildlife conservation, compost science, regenerative livestock grazing, small business development, aquaponics, ranch management, agtech solutions, and ecological data collection and research design.  As the summer progresses, interns are encouraged to develop personalized learning plans that focus their time on specific teams, mentors, or intern-led projects that will ultimately help them accomplish their professional goals.

On-site housing is available, but not required, for interns.  Candidates must be at least 18 years of age with the ability to safely perform manual labor in varied climatic conditions and must be comfortable working outdoors with plants and livestock.  A valid driver’s license and a clean driving record (no major infractions) are strongly preferred and documentation establishing the right to work in the United States is required.

Compensation for this position averages between $10 – $15 per hour depending on the applicant’s education and experience.

Ideal candidates for this internship will come from all academic disciplines and professional backgrounds.  The most successful interns have been independent self-starters with a strong desire to innovate, work, and above all learn.

Applications will be accepted from March 1, 2018 through April 1, 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Watt at

Internship Photos

Past Intern Projects

Below are some selected examples of projects interns have done during their time on the ranch.

  • Rachel Sullivan- Deep Soil Carbon Sampling at TomKat Ranch: In 2016 Rachel helped TomKat Ranch and Point Blue Conservation expand soil monitoring on the ranch by taking deep soil samples to examine if there are predictable relationships between soil carbon pools at 1 m, 0-10 cm, and 10-40 cm on the ranch. Rachel employed microbial analysis through phospholipid fatty acid (PLFA) and the Haney test and also explored the relationship of cation ratios within the soil. Find the project here.

  • Jordan Rosenblum- Growing Abundant Rangelands: With help from the TomKat Ranch staff, Jordan created a guide to help introduce individuals and organizations to the benefits and practices of regenerative ranching. Find the guide here.

  • Jake Tommerdahl- Coyote Brush Management Pilot: Jake setup a multi-year study plot to explore the effectiveness of a range of different management treatment for coyote brush on TomKat Ranch. Find the study here.

  • Walker Kehrer- Half Moon Bay High School FFA Collaboration: Walker and TomKat Ranch helped support the Half Moon Bay High School FFA program with weekly on-site visits and donated construction materials and labor to help build the school’s new on-site farm. Read the article here.

  • Kyle Meyer- Symbi Biological Worm Trommel: With recycled materials from the ranch, Kyle built a special device to help carefully separate worms from their castings to help improve the efficiency of TomKat Ranch’s vermicomposting operation. See pictures here.

  • Nicholas Hiser- All Things Grassfed Synthesis: Nicholas created a presentation that summarized the key academic research papers discussing the nutritional benefits of grass-fed beef on Dr. Cindy Daley’s informative website All Things Grassfed. Find the project here.

  • Walker Kehrer- TomKat Ranch BioFuel Feasibility Study: Walker wrote a feasibility study to explore the potential benefits for TomKat Ranch to increase its use of biofuels. Find the study here.

  • Catie Mong- TomKat Ranch Introduction Video: Catie filmed and edited a video to introduce TomKat Ranch to online audiences. Watch the video here.

  • Sean Foorman- Symbi Biological Barley Fodder System: Sean helped us build a barley fodder system to provide fresh green grass during the drought for cattle and horses. See a picture here.

Internship Network

We encourage interns to keep in touch and network through our interns Facebook group page.

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