Resilience through Dry Times

TomKat Ranch held a Holistic Management International (HMI) Open Gate Day on May 17th.

Typical HMI Open Gate on-farm learning days consist of farm/ranch days that are held on ranches, farms, or conservation lands throughout the U.S. Each day is hosted by an experienced Holistic Management practitioner and features numerous innovative and sustainable agricultural topics and practices.


HMI Practitioner Richard King addressing event attendees.

The HMI Open Gate Day at TomKat Ranch featured discussions and held field tours hosted by Jeremiah Stent of TomKat Ranch, Carlie Henneman of Point Blue, and Richard King – HMI practitioner.

Throughout the day the group discussed and shared examples of what land managers are doing to maintain land health and profitability in a changing environment, practical grazing strategies to improve water infiltration and land production,
how to apply critical monitoring criteria to determine the health of the water cycle, and how to best maximize soil cover for improved production.

The day ended with Holistic Management practitioner Richard Kind describing how holistic decision making enables producers to better manage risk, make better decisions and enjoy the benefits of sustainable agriculture.

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